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NorthPoint Astrology Journal Sept. 7-13, 2009

Expansion or contraction. Flexibility or resistance. Love or fear. These are our choices as we go forward into the heart of September.
The next two weeks look to be pivotal in several ways. Astrologically, we have Pluto changing directions, Neptune and Saturn in quincunx aspect, and the third Uranus-Saturn opposition. Energetically, we have the 9-9-9 portal this coming week, providing new opportunities for awareness and growth.
A lot for us humans to digest! Which means we'll need to be accessing our higher selves on a regular basis for best results.
Pluto has been retrograde since April 4, and this week he finally reaches the end of his backward journey through the first degrees of Capricorn. During the past five months, we've had the benefit of Pluto's relentless delving into the the depths of our psyches, bringing to the surface any issues we have with personal empowerment and our ability to claim ultimate authority in our lives.
Now Pluto is virtually stationary from Earth's perspective. Because of this, his laser effect is increased, and we are feeling the intensity of his gaze.
Pluto often requires us to go through a figurative death and rebirth as an integral part of the empowerment process. This is why we are now feeling the urge to discard the physical and emotional remnants of the past -- elements of our lives that no longer support us, that are tied to obsolete ambitions and goals.
We can use Pluto's energy, along with the influence of the Virgo Sun, to do some housecleaning now, on all levels of our being. Literally cleaning out the closets is one way to utilize this influence, and represents the deeper levels at which we are now letting go of old coverings and possessions that once defined us, preparing for the new that will take their place.
This influence may be especially apparent to those who have natal planets or points in the first degree of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra. And, if you were born within a day on either side of December 21, March 20, June 20 or September 22, this particularly applies to you, since Pluto is currently challenging you to discard old self-definitions and to embrace a new, more empowered version of yourself.
No matter when we were born, however, it is time for each of us to consolidate the inner empowerment gained over the past five months. This inner strength will be our foundation and springboard for now through April 2010, when Pluto again goes retrograde.
Remember that as Pluto slowly begins moving forward starting this Friday, he is turning his attention toward the future and what will be created in the external world. Over the next few weeks, we'll begin to see outwardly the results of the inner empowerment we've recently achieved.
The Neptune-Saturn aspect on Saturday is a quincunx, which requires us to be willing to make an adjustment -- either in attitude or in manifestation.
As cosmic teachers, Saturn and Neptune have very different styles. Saturn is the disciplinarian, strictly following all the rules and requiring that we do the same. On the other hand, Neptune is without structure, believing that true creativity and growth is found through releasing our attachment to the physical world and its limitations.
With both of these planets standing up in the front of our classroom this week, it's easy to see how we might be confused, not knowing whose instructions and example to follow. And, not only are the planetary energies at odds, but the signs involved are also very different.
Saturn is in practical, analytical Virgo, strengthening our critical eyes and helping us not only see what is not working, but also supporting us in finding workable solutions to the problems at hand. The downside of this influence is that we can get too caught up in the negative appraisal, and in the pessimism and fear that we're never going to get it right -- and that we're never going to heal.
At the same time, Neptune is in visionary, inventive Aquarius, opening our consciousness to higher-level solutions and helping us create communities, on both physical and nonphysical levels. The downside of this influence is that we can get so caught up in the vision and in the ethers that we don't take the tangible steps needed to "make it so." Or, we might decide that nothing really matters anyway, and give up making efforts to improve our situation.
This quincunx aspect requires that we find a way to utilize both the productive traits of Virgo and the positive idealogical qualities of Aquarius. Since these represent somewhat contrary motivations, it can be a challenging task. But each sign offers vital tools for our journey, which is why they are both necessary.
We must find a place of grounding and balance if we are to make the internal and external adjustments indicated by this aspect: If we go too far into practicality, we can lose sight of the vision. If we go overboard in dreaming, we can forget that we also have to focus our intentions in physical reality for results to occur.
As Saturn and Neptune both vie for our attention this week, we'll need to find where we've gone too far in either of these directions, as well as which influence we've been neglecting. We are learning that we need both the practicality and the vision as we go forward.
After all, this ascension process is about integrating our higher selves with our human selves, not about leaving the planet. The familiar Zen quote about enlightenment comes quickly to mind:
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
I found a short, inspiring essay online about the meaning and intention of this quote. If you're interested in reading it, here's the link:
The Uranus-Saturn opposition is not exact until next week (Tuesday, September 15), but we are already dealing with the effects of this aspect.
If you recall, this is the third exact opposition of five. The first alignment was on November 3, 2008 (election day in the U.S.) and the second was on February 5, 2009. The final two will be on April 26 and July 26, 2010.
I will, of course, write more about this in next week's Journal, but will also include a few notes for now:
We are all aware of the major changes that occurred in November 2008, changes that affected not only the U.S. but the entire world, since none of us can claim that we are separate any more. When we look back to February 2009, there seem to be fewer obvious or concrete manifestations of this energy.
The reason may be that Saturn, who is the king of physical manifestation, was moving direct in November 2008, but was retrograde in February 2009. There are usually more quantifiable effects when Saturn is moving forward, since his energy is then focused outward. It means that the changes in the beginning of this year may have been more on inner levels, or perhaps needed a gestation period before becoming manifest.
Because Saturn is now moving direct, we may see more clearly defined changes with this third opposition. The greater intent throughout this 18-month window of time is to move into a future that is more expansive, more community-minded, and more compassionate -- but to do so using practical, step-by-step methods.
Some notes about 9-9-9: There is a great deal of channeled information available now about the energies behind this date. Numerologically, it is actually an Eleven day, since 9+9+2+9 = 11.
However, the higher intention seems to be to utilize this date as an opening for an energy shift. There are various descriptions of what this shift will entail, but by all accounts we are moving forward by leaps and bounds.
I highly recommend a guided meditation by Solara An Ra, available online, to be used on Wednesday to take advantage of the energies of that day. It is called "Connection with Gaia's Ascension Grids," and it can be downloaded free at this link:
Also, channel Celia Fenn has just posted her comments about the 9-9-9 energy. She says, in part:
We are standing at the doorway of Creation. We are ready to step across and become the Master of Light who can manifest and co-create with Spirit. At the 09-09-09, this will be activated within the Collective Consciousness in a very powerful way.
To read more, visit: Scroll down to the heading "NEW" and click on "Earth Log September 6th: Towards the 09-09-09....Reclaiming our Heritage of Light as we Cross the Portal".

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