Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Care and Feeding of Your Soul

Caring for the abandoned inner child, as well as the abandoned adult is necessary for just about everyone, so never ever feel that you are alone. Many of us carry the wounds of not feeling loved, appreciated and cared for. We've had many lifetimes of this. Through the energy of words and actions that have effected us on subtle levels we have been given the message that we are not worthy or perhaps we have been told that we are unlovable.

Repeating affirmations can be effective for beginning to address the feelings, loosening the emotions we still hold and they must be done several times a day. If you google: affirmations,"inner child" you'll find lots of resource for this.

Play is nourishing for the Child in all of us. You may have already discovered that art feeds your soul. Art exploration gives us permission to explore our inner worlds, much like meditation does. Creating a work of art is like walking meditation, but instead of using feet to create a rhythm, we use our hands to give physical expression to our inner voice - to speak, to make something that tells the story of our souls. Art gives voice to our emotions, the voice that our inner child has been denied.

Dance and ecstatic movement are other ways of giving your Self voice and releasing your inner child, liberating your soul to expression. Movement to rhythm releases the cerebral spinal fluid, expanding our consciousness. Walking in Nature and putting flowers in your home support this energy.

Art and dance are movements that help you find your song. Any time you feel joy, wonder, love, excitement - you are accessing your Song - your inner voice, your essence, your unique piece of Creator. Learning to live constantly in your song releases and heals the inner child who wants to play, to feel, to love and be loved. When you are in your song, you attract more abundance because your song makes you magnetic!

Using sound and sacred voice is the most effective tool I have found for moving energy out of the subtle energy fields, for opening your heart and finding your song. When you are ready to step forward and dedicate yourself to becoming closer to your Higher Self, opening the Heart and hearing your Song is an extraordinary approach for making leaps forward in personal and spiritual growth.

With deepest Love and Respect for the Magnificent Being that You ARE as we continue along our paths,


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