Sunday, August 9, 2009

... get extra sleep and mental rest periods before the strings get wound too tightly.

We're gradually incorporating the energies and awareness received during the Lunar Eclipse last week. The Moon is now in her waning phase, a time that usually corresponds with completion and release. At the same time, however, we are also working with other influences that are gradually building in effect.

This week we'll be working with a T-square involving Uranus, Saturn/Mercury, and Mars/Moon. The planetary alignments involved in that configuration actually are spread across the next two weeks, with the Saturn energies strongest this week and the Uranus energies taking over the following week.

By the time we reach the New Moon on August 20, many shifts are likely to have occurred, corresponding with the tensions represented in this T-square. The planets involved in this configuration are all in mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini and Pisces), which means we'll need to watch a tendency to scatter our energies too widely.

Mutable signs are known for their flexibility and adaptability -- but these positive traits, like anything taken to an extreme, can also have their drawbacks. There's a certain nervous energy we're likely to be feeling, and it may be hard to focus for very long on any one endeavor. We'll need to get extra sleep, and to be very self-aware, making sure to give ourselves mental rest periods before the strings get wound too tightly.

A T-square is actually three legs of a full square, and we can often look to the missing leg to see what will help us find better balance. Sagittarius is the missing corner in this particular T-square, which indicates we can regain our balance by seeking the meaning and purpose of what we are experiencing. Also helpful will be physical activity, to help disperse the mental energy. And, since Sagittarius represents adventure and travel, it may be a good time to spread our wings and explore new territories -- either physically or spiritually.

Saturn and Uranus are the two most influential players in our T-square. A line drawn between the two planets forms the top cross on the letter "T" and represents the tension created when two polarities are both strongly represented.

Not only are the two planets in physical opposition now -- they also represent near-opposites in perspective. Saturn is very conservative, believes in following the rules, in respecting the past, and in the value of discipline and responsibility. Radical Uranus is independent, believes in pushing the boundaries of what is expected or accepted, and encourages us break free from limitation and restriction.

The signs where the two planets are situated are also, of course, opposite in nature. Virgo, where Saturn is journeying, employs the tools of analysis, reason, discrimination and control to get the job done and improve results. Pisces, where Uranus is currently found, uses intuition, spiritual guidance, creativity and surrender to align with the flow that leads to best outcomes.

In general, oppositions ask us to find a balance between the two polarities represented. In this case, it means we do best if we use our skills of analysis and take responsibility for our part of any situation, while at the same time letting go of our need to control every detail. It also means that we will benefit from aligning more consciously with the guidance from spiritual dimensions and using new creative ideas, while at the same time understanding that surrender is not the same as capitulation, and that we are put on this planet to actively participate in our evolution.

The energies of this Saturn-Uranus opposition have been working with us for quite a while now, and they are behind many of the changes we've been experiencing individually, nationally and globally. We've all experienced some major changes in the past year or more, and had to deal with the fears associated with letting go of life as we once defined it -- and also with the uncertainty of releasing aspects of ourselves that had seemingly defined us until now.

Saturn is the redefining side of the equation, the part of us that clearly sees what isn't working and makes the decision to discard old forms. Saturn is also the part that has the responsibility and discipline to rebuild new structures that are more stable, starting from the ground up.

Uranus is the liberating polarity, providing the restlessness with old systems and limitations that keeps us growing and moving into the future. And, Uranus opens the doorway to higher consciousness, to the knowing that there is far more to this reality than what is found in Saturn's book of rules.

It's easy to see how, with these two powerhouses pulling in opposite directions, we're often feeling a bit stretched these days.

The Saturn-Mars square that begins this coming week brings us face-to-face with the thought patterns that have been keeping us from taking concrete steps in the direction of improvement. This square is something like turning the corner at the end of the block and meeting yourself coming down the other street.

It is of course startling to see oneself from a different perspective, and a bit mind-boggling at first. We may find ourselves in a stand-off for a few minutes, as the reasoning mind adjusts.

But Saturn is the ultimate winner in this confrontation, being the more powerful of the two planets. This means that any careless thinking, any ideas that we've only partly thought out, will be brought into our awareness. As a result, we will need to make changes in any plans that have not met with Saturn's strict white-glove test -- and we may well realize that we need to be more focused if we're going to get anything done.

But there are rewards for our efforts. If we can be both flexible in our thinking and disciplined in our actions, Mars will be rejuvenated by the interaction.

If we follow Mars as he continues down the street, we see new avenues opening up for him. These new routes will be appearing later in the week, as Mars begins to form helpful trine aspects with the Triad -- starting with Jupiter on Thursday, Chiron on Friday, and finishing with Neptune on Monday, August 17.

These aspects indicate good opportunities for creating lemonade, if by chance we've found ourselves with a basketful of lemons. Jupiter will help Mars see the potentials and to have hope for the future; Chiron will assist Mars in healing the wounds that have caused a lack of self-confidence; and Neptune will guide Mars to become aligned with the Higher Will for best outcomes.

Beginning at the end of this week and extending into the beginning of next, the Triad will also be opposing the Sun. This is another instruction phase, as the Leo Sun learns to acknowledge the existence of worlds outside itself.

Leo the Lion has many positive traits: creativity, enthusiasm, generosity, to name a few. But when an opposition to the Sun occurs, we are likely to also become aware of the lower manifestations of the Leo energy, traits that need to be elevated if we are to evolve.

With Jupiter first in the Triad line-up to oppose the Sun, we may see both the positive and negative of Leo's traits magnified towards the end of this week. Some will be more generous, and others will overdramatize everything. Some will find new hope arising from the remnants of broken dreams, while others will chase rainbows in search of an elusive pot of gold. Some will rule more wisely, and others will roar until their voices are hoarse.

We then follow with the Chiron-Sun opposition, exact on Sunday. Chiron in Aquarius is working with all of us to heal the wound of separation -- the belief that we will never know the connection to Spirit or to another that satisfies us, that we will always be in some way isolated from the sense of belonging and knowing we seek.

As Chiron opposes the Sun, we will be shining a light on some of those insecurities -- but with the ultimate intention of enabling our healing and reconnection. Chiron's road to healing is always through love -- love of self, primarily, and compassionate understanding of the wounded inner child who needs that love.

The Chiron-Sun opposition will likely shine light on the aspect of ourselves that is fearful of expressing itself, of standing out, of being seen as not good enough. The desire to withdraw and close down may be strong, and indeed we will benefit from some time for introspection, to do some of the attunement work of expressing true self-compassion and understanding for ourselves.

Ultimately, we will attain the depth of self-love needed for healing, the increased trust needed for moving beyond the wound, and the heightened self-confidence that no longer needs to define itself as separate in order to feel special. And, as Neptune completes his opposition to the Sun next week, hopefully we will be one step closer to that goal.

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