Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse: Join the Revolution of Oneness

This week marks a major step in the evolution of human consciousness. On July 21/22, the longest solar eclipse of the 21st-century will unfold. This eclipse is designed to open-heart centers and clear anything that stands in the way of unconditional love. By welcoming and embracing these energies, you are able to infuse the realities you create with the greatly expanded energies and unlimited possibilities of the New Earth. This is the time when those who have taken steps to align with their higher self will radiate a stronger light on the inner planes.

Those who already know how to travel in consciousness will be able to attend meetings on the inner planes where teachers and masters are envisioning transitions to come. Others will begin developing new spiritual skills such as clairvoyance and interdimensional travel. Some will awaken from dreams where they have been in otherworldly settings or downloading "transcripts" of advanced spiritual knowledge. The eclipse energies hold the power to trigger kundalini activations and third eye openings. Depending on where a person is in their spiritual awakening, this new level of "seeing" can be quite dramatic and earthshaking. These energies will bring awareness to any attachments or emotional props that have been used to maintain balance and a sense of security. As these props fall away, there may be a sense of free fall into an emotional void.

Navigating the Emotional Void with Love and Trust

You can navigate this void by reaching for unconditional love and opening your heart. Trust your higher self is there guiding you and holding a loving space for you to step into. As you enter this space of love, openness and trust, you're able to take a further step into the energy of the New Time.

This step is the most profound so far. Many cosmic activations have taken place in recent months to prepare the way for the shift that will take place this week. The July 6/7 lunar eclipse was the first of a triad of eclipses ushering in a series of reality shifts on planet Earth. The July 6/7 lunar eclipse lifted the veils between dimensions, making it easier to receive messages from one's higher self. This week's solar eclipse will be followed by a lunar eclipse August 5/6. The moment of an eclipse is just the opening: the influence can extend into weeks, months and beyond.

Unconditional Love and Accelerated Manifestations

The lunar eclipse in early July set the stage for this week's solar eclipse. In addition to opening and clearing the heart center, this week's eclipse will accelerate manifestations. Depending on where one's thoughts, feelings and intentions are focused, manifestations can bring about peak states or new depths of despair. This is the moment to raise your vibration and bring your consciousness to the highest frequency you can access.

Reach for the highest vibration you can access and pay attention to your emotions. These are your best indicator of alignment right now. If your emotions feel negative or "off," examine if there are any areas you need to bring your focus to right now. You can welcome the eclipse energies and work with them to heal and clear anything standing in the way of emotional freedom. It is emotional freedom that allows you to experience unconditional love for yourself and others.

Becoming a Powerful Force for Universal Love

One way to reach for the highest vibration you can access is to act in service to the underprivileged, and on behalf of all sentient creatures and the environment. Acting from this place of love and service to those not as strong and empowered as yourself allows you to become a more powerful and loving force in the universe. Assisting those who cannot speak or act for themselves ignites the powerful divine feminine energies being transmitted to the Earth during this time of the solar eclipse. From this place of allowing, you are able to release the past with love. Expressing gratitude for all that has been opens the door to new possibilities now opening before you.

As you step more fully into unconditional love, you are able to receive the message of your sacred wound. Your sacred wound contains the essence of the spiritual lessons you brought forward this lifetime. This week's eclipse energies provide the clearing needed to heal one's sacred wound and reach emotional freedom.

Planting Seeds of Future Realities

A new moon is always the best time to go within and plant the seeds of future realities. This is a week to plant seeds in the rich soil of your subconscious for new relationships, new manifestations and new beginnings. Energize and cultivate these at this time of the solar eclipse and you will see them manifesting in physical reality in coming weeks and months. Everything you seek to create will manifest now with record speed.

Relationships can be transformed and healed during this time when it is easier to step into oneness by uniting your divine feminine and divine masculine. Many others will be entering deeper levels of awakening this week and joining in the revolution of oneness helping usher in the New Time on planet Earth.

The new revolution on planet Earth will unfold in the bright light of love and understanding. When you see the world through the eyes of spirit, you're able to see only oneness and connection and act from this vision of divine love.

It's possible to align with the solar eclipse and use this powerful time to focus energies for positive creations, inner healing and transformation. We offer here some steps to working with the eclipse energies:

1. Spend time in nature -- connect with the peace and perfection of plants, trees, flowers and the night sky.

2. Take daily sun baths for 10 to 15 minutes. Visualize the sun's light filling the cells of your body.

3. Spend time each day nurturing yourself. Begin a new health regimen, prepare healthy meals for yourself, receive spa treatments, massages, etc.

4. Clear up energy in your environment and arrange spaces in inspiring and uplifting ways.

5. Make time for creative play, focusing on the process rather than the product.

6. Allow your imagination to lead you on journeys in consciousness. Your imagination is your doorway to higher consciousness.

7. Practice yoga, tai chi and other forms of movement that align mind, body and spirit.

8. Make a gratitude list, expressing appreciation for everything in your life.

9. Donate to charities that help animals, the environment and the underprivileged.

10. Each time you encounter stress or negativity, align your thoughts and feelings with unconditional love.

By DL Zeta

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