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Numerology for July 2009

This year, 2009 (29/[11]), marks the beginning of the actual manifestation of the new paradigm’s foundation. You will have the energies of the Master Spiritual Messenger underlying every thought, word, deed and experience that you choose. The Universal Law of “Thought Creates” will be operating fully. Your experiences will help you to understand that your left brain is not the origin of your thoughts, but rather the processor that makes your true thoughts, at all levels, manifest into the physical world. To master this Master vibration you must stay centered within as you walk through your life. The test will be to change your role as leader or support as appropriate and as needed for the good of all, including you, without being attached to the “title.” Meditation and reflection will play an important part this year as you evaluate what is important to bring into manifestation for balance for all. You may feel like you have more responsibility and you do; however, that responsibility is the ability to respond to situations rather than react, so that what you choose reflects who you are.

July (27/9) brings you opportunities to begin manifesting your new world through service so that you truly integrate an understanding of universal brotherhood by releasing blocks to unifying the diversity, honoring the individuality, in all the experiences you have. From this you learn true compassion and your sense of peace and service enables you to bring perfected justice (balance) to all your experiences and use that sense of justice as a base for all you build. Your goal for the month is to balance Spirit and physical and manifest that through serving others without enabling them.

JULY 1 to JULY 4, 2009 (19/10/1)

This should be an interesting four days to say the least. As you’re moving to making sure everything is in place to begin building for the future, you have the vibration of “karmic surrender” underlying everything you think, say or do. These energies will no let you avoid, evade or ignore what has to be addressed and rebalanced so just surrender to who you truly are in every situation. In addition, you will have two days with higher Master Energies to push you along. You start with a day of energies to help you expand your thinking and crystallize your desires through your imagination so that you can mold that into your life as you connect to your intuitive Wisdom and sense of justice by surrendering to that side of you. You then get a day of Master Spiritual Messenger energies to help you emphasize the spiritual side of life which does require accepting more responsibility; however, it promises great rewards so be open to the Spiritual messages that will be everywhere to help you to surrender to your Higher Guidance and to get into balance within. This moves you to a day to experience expressing who you truly are in what can be restless energies so you can “go with the flow” of who you are and experience great joy and peace in that expression if you surrender to your intuition and Inner Guidance for direction. You end this period with another Master Vibration of the Master Builder on the Material Plane which, when you surrender to those energies, brings a great sense of fulfillment and completion for all of human kind. The goal is to use all your positive traits to deal with any situation and that will help you to link your life with Universal Life, the ultimate goal for us all.

JULY 5 to JULY 11, 2009 (20/2)

This week can be another turning point for you with a greater Spiritual awakening that brings even more illumination. This gives you the opportunity to turn knowledge into Wisdom if you are willing to ask for and see all the alternatives BEFORE you choose. When you choose, act decisively without resisting the change necessary for peace and harmony. Your patience may be tested and when it is just step back and breath and allow your visions and revelations to guide you. You begin this week of balancing yourself with opportunities for adventure and change so seek variety in your life, open your mind to exploring things you’ve never before thought of like esoteric studies or physical sociology depending on which direction you tend to come from. This is followed by a day of energies that may be tense and where the underlying Master Builder energies are helping you with your increased sensitivity to what is not “obvious”.so you can bring all that into your foundation in a balanced way. With this added knowledge you are to withdraw within and reflect on how far you have come using your strong intuitive energies to reconstruct anything in your mental energies into a positive force if they’re not there. A day of benevolent energies comes to you so you can feel comfortable taking responsibility for the affluence you have created. Just remember to examine and investigate any details that arise in your day to day affairs to insure they fit with your plans. The next day you continue to reap the rewards of your past achievements while you prepare for new understandings and new adventures. This leads to a day of clarifying your desires through the power of your imagination to manifest your highest ideals in your life in a balanced way. You end the week with a day of doubled Master Messenger energies so pay attention and stay connected, centered and balanced so that you will know where to go next. The goal this week is to stay balanced between your physical and nonphysical selves in order to manifest that balance within your creation, your life.

JULY 12 to JULY 18, 2009 (24/6)

This week will test your willingness and ability to see what’s beneath the surface, to trust your Inner Awareness that you know what’s behind it all. You will be asked to take responsibility to bring things into harmony so that there is balance. You’ll begin by becoming centered within and that balance will flow into your outer world. You start the week with the energies of self-expression so your experiences will help you to increase your knowledge of you and express it. This clearing brings you awareness and news of the new order of things in your thinking so you can be the forerunner of better conditions for all as you recognize the necessity of system and order to effect worthwhile conditions. This brings you to a day of adventure and change as you explore the new knowledge you’ve gained.; however, you must go beneath the surface as you have the energies of the week intensified to get you to look under the surface of this new paradigm as well. Is your foundation firmly set in justice (balance) and unconditional love? Your experiences will show you where it just might need to be “tweaked”. Through this process you are given the vibration of accessing more of your inner knowledge as your intuitive energies are increased to help you reconstruct your mental energy into a positive force. Then you move to a day of easy flowing energies to examine and investigate any details that arise in your life to assure they “fit” and make them whole using the underlying energies of the Master Healer and Teacher that are available to you. You end the week with a day to share your accomplishments, what you’ve learned, and so work maintaining harmony by being open to possibilities in your interactions. The goal for the week is to take the opportunities presented to get into the “flow” of life by being centered within.

JULY 19 to JULY 25, 2009 (28/10/1)

The underlying energies this week will push you to expand your thinking to seeing the broader picture in order to harvest what you learned and plant new seeds for your future. Use the underlying energies to crystallize your desires in the opportunities presented to you all week. The week starts with an intensification of the week’s energy so be honest with yourself and open your mind to desire the greatest you can desire. After you’ve done this, you’re presented with the opportunity to emphasize Spirit in your life through your desires and the messages that are everywhere from the Master Messenger. Then you’re given opportunities to express the you that is now and do it in a balanced way in spite of the feelings of restless energies that are present. The energies stay “uo”; however, it’s more subtle as the Master Builder gently pushes you to build the new understandings you have just received into your daily life. Another day of restless energies is here to help you get centered and you will intensely feel objection to anything that seems to limit you so learn patience and simply proceed with moving forward and know that the only things that can limit you are what you allow. The energies calm down a little now and your sensitivity to what is beneath the surface increases to give you more “ideas” to add to your desires. You end the week with a day to withdraw and reflect, especially about your thoughts, so that you can turn them into a constructive force to create your desires. Your goal for this week is to clarify what you really desire, be able to imagine it even if it seems “impossible, for you and everyone and manifest that into your life.

JULY 26 to JULY 31, 2009 (18/9)

You end this month with a period of unfolding and completion where much is required and much is given. This is a time to be aware of new insights and visions that have formed in your mind. Allow these to germinate and it will take all your power and authority to use these concepts for the good of all Humanity. Stay connected to your Higher Source and you’ll know what to do. You begin with a day of easy-flowing energies in which many things will occur spontaneously to show you details that might need to be addressed so be aware as you move through the day. You then move to a day where you are between and it’s time to interact to bring deeper understanding to your relationships as you prepare to move on. You’re then reminded that it’s all about your desires and vision empowered by your imagination that brings the “thoughts” that create and those thoughts are fueled by the underlying power of the MAaster of Spiritual Power, the Architect of the new Age. Then you are given a day to emphasize your Spirit by manifesting it in your experiences so make sure to keep physical, mental and emotional in balance as you move through the day. Then you have a day of celebration as you begin to realize that you have reached the fullest expression of you at this point; however, don’t get carried away with these energies. Remember you are unlimited and it is alla bout the process not the end. You end the month with energies of the new order of things that will bring forth new ideas so you can be a forerunner for better conditions for all humankind simply by staying connected to your intuition and meeting all situations with love. Your goal for this period is to manifest your highest ideals in your life as service to humankind.

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