Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Messages Regarding the July 7th Eclipse

To clarify what actually occurred, after the eclipse Jeshua and Mother Mary had this to say:

You know that this is the beginning, only the beginning of this process. Energy has just started to come. Keep the information in front of the people. There are some who are aware of the energy and there are some who are not. It is the time for people to go within and to FEEL what's happening to their bodies as this energy is evolving. It's like a corkscrew. It has begun to twist or wend its way into Earth and into people's hearts and it can come and go without people being aware of it if they don't take the time and stop and consider what is happening to them.
Because this was and is energy from Source.

It is the love energy and it is gentle. It is like the rain on a calm evening. There is not the blustery winds or gales where the rain is coming down in sheets and torrents, but rather it is more like the gentle spring rain, coming to water dry fields of the farmer and unless the soul is looking upwards, and becoming aware of what is falling in their environment, they will miss it and say, "What is all this stuff about the eclipse? I didn't feel anything." They are not aware. They must open up their eyes, open up their hearts and greet this gentle, flowing energy.

You sent out information to help people to become aware and it is so easy for someone to discount that and say, "It isn't real." But there is no-one who can be aware and pays attention to these energies and say it isn't happening. One must go within their heart to know that it is happening. The soul greets the heart and it identifies with this energy. It knows the relationship. It is the soul that is aware of the nature of what is streaming down on them, even in this moment.

And this is the beginning my, friends. The rest of these energies are going to increase in the shape and the sound and the feel of it but only if the eye and the heart is open. And that is what you are doing - opening the eyes and the awareness so people can open their hearts.

Mother Mary:
It is the grist of creation, the energy that has begun to come to the planet. It is a step, an opening of the door. This energy, as we have said, has come from Source and it had to begin as something very gentle. It could not come in as a dramatic blast, because it had to be something gentle. Understand what we have been saying. This is transformation and the physical must be respected. The foundations must be brought in as a gentle change, a beginning, a change of direction and therefore, the physical must be honoured.

It is, as my son said, like a gentle rain. It is preparing the soil for the seed that is about to come. So the soil must be prepared, ploughed and watered and the seed placed in the ground and from that is sprouted the crop.

And so, my lovely beautiful ones, this eclipse is not just an eclipse per se, but rather it is the beginning of a process. It is the beginning of a process where there is great change in the physical body and if you have read or listened to the message that I gave earlier, there's dramatic changes that have begun in the brain. And there will be more coming and as they come, we will hold your hand. We will bring through these changes. We will discuss it with you. We don't wish at this moment to go further and delineate everything that is going to happen. We prefer to take one step at a time.

Focus on the energy. Enjoy it. Your journey is about experience, is it not? That is what your journey is about - experience. And so rather than describe every nuance of what has happened and is happening upon Earth, we would prefer announcing it, telling you that something transformative is on its way, to announce it to allow you to open up your hearts and experience it. Words do not matter. Whether you consider gateways or whether you have different descriptions that science brings forth and puts labels upon things... What is important is that you experience what is happening in your body, that you experience what is happening during meditation between the physical - what you feel, what you see in your third eye, and what is beginning to burn upward from that very first chakra at the base of the spine. It is the chakra that connects you to the Earth does it not? What a good place to start with energy - your connection to the Earth. And as the days move on and you start to feel and integrate the energy and this energy will move upward until it gets to the point where it is at the crown, free to fly.
We are in great joy to be here and invite you to be aware, to experience, to watch as the body awakens to your Creator.

So I encourage you to go within. Begin to meditate if you do not already and follow the guidance of our spiritual friends. Know that this is just the beginning of the preparation for 2012 and transformations that will occur ahead of this date. These energies will only get more intense, so begin to work them as they unfold.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.
Richard Presser

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