Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manifesting From Sacred Space of the Heart

Manifestation is about evolution. We evolve when we live from the space in our hearts. Feeling, communicating and speaking from our hearts may be more important than adherence to any particular religion or system because the heart space encourages us to move toward truth.

The Heart Space leads us into our inner connection with the All. We learn to speak with more clarity, to express our needs and desires, and to see life from the other person's perspective, whether or not we agree.

When we communicate from our hearts, there is an instant connection. We feel the energy of the other person. We experience an honest exchange of information and a deep response. This is quite different from speaking from the ego with a desire to share our viewpoint.

This heart connection lifts our spirits. Acts of sincere kindness with no desire for acknowledgment or praise also are born from the space of the heart. When reflecting on beauty, our spirits are nourished with a feeling of gratitude and praise. We nourish others by seeing the true self in their appearance and surrendering our impression of their personality.

When we create from our hearts - whether in the garden, words or song - we experience connection with life, itself. Connection results from the relationship between our spiritual nature and the natural world. Connection with the heart space is a state of being. The flow of life embraces us, with a feeling of ease and contentment, joy and grace.

As humanity evolves, the division or polarity between good and bad diminishes. If we focus on the heart space, then we realize that everyone and everything is part of the All. This inner connection leads to the understanding that is our inner work that leads to outer change in the world.

Here are a few examples of living in the heart space. A few minutes of practice each day can be life changing!

Speaking honestly but kindly
Speaking your inner truth, as opposed to speaking from the ego
Sitting quietly in nature
Expressing your true feelings
Expressing gratitude
Expressing boundaries

Simple Heart Exercise:
Sit for a few moments and focus on a circle in the center of your chest. Imagine that this is your heart space. Feel light flow into your heart space from the center of the Universe. Take a moment to receive the energy. Notice any changes in thoughts or emotions.

by Julia Griffin