Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 2009 Full Moon

The full moon is always good for healing as it brings forth feminine energies, which are the essence of healing. There are many strands to the energies of this full moon and you will see others expressing different aspects than these words convey. This June full moon is strongly influenced by Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the task master and in that it is calling forth that which is within us to be mastered. This amounts to those energy patterns from the past that represent, in hindsight, lesser choices we have made in past lives - karmic energies if you use that term. In opening up to these choices, we get the opportunity to understand the choice we made, feel the energies of that choice, clear them and choose differently, thus eliminating their impact on the present. You may feel these energies surfacing to be cleared (I certainly have...), making them easier to clear than at other times. As these energies need to be cleared prior to Ascension (at the end of 2012), you may wish to take the opportunity of the next three days to clear at least some of these energies and patterns from the past.

The energies of an event such as a full moon, a solstice or an equinox are active for three days either side of the event. This full moon is on June 7 or 8, depending on where you are in the world.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, calming your mind and your heart, perhaps taking a few deep breaths to help you do this, and then allow yourself to feel any discordant energies. You will feel these somewhere in your body. In simple terms, any energies that are not of love, peace and joy are discordant energies that are seeking your attention and have an underlying issue that is ready to be cleared.

Richard Presser
Cosmic Connections