Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Awakening to the Dream: May 27 Portal Offers Healing and Transcendence

A rare astrological configuration appears on the horizon this coming week, ushering in a new and greatly expanded time on Planet Earth. In coming days, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron rendezvous in Aquarius to create a new unique portal offering healing and transcendence at all levels. This alignment will weave throughout coming weeks, lifting veils between dimensions and making fifth-dimensional consciousness more accessible than ever before.

In addition to providing opportunities for healing, this portal opens new doorways of perception, allowing glimpses into future timeframes; it strengthens and enhances psychic abilities; opens access to new forms and levels of abundance; and sets in motion a cultural renaissance that seeds the New Time prophesied by seers throughout history.

Following on the heels of the powerful Wesak opening in early May, this portal expands the earlier initiation, allowing those who choose to do so to step more fully into the New Time. The key to stepping fully into this gateway is to embrace every wound, every experience, and open to the messages they contain. If you are willing to step past the physical trappings of your life, the spiritual blueprint of your mission is revealed during this time. This blueprint contains a lens that brings the plan for your life into focus and helps you enter direct communion with your higher self and aspects of your being that exist throughout time.

There will be a broad range of responses to this energetic vortex. Some will make use of these energies to go beyond anything they have imagined while others will flounder, sinking deeper into disillusionment and despair. Some will not be affected at all.

This portal spurs those already on their spiritual path to step into new levels of joy, creativity and abundance, while taking quantum leaps toward transcendence and world service. It allows the newly-awakened to advance rapidly on their path. While the energies of this portal may trigger times of unrest in sleeping consciousness, it will offer opportunities for all of humanity to step into the next phase of evolutionary growth.

Becoming World Servers
Those who have been following their spiritual path for some time will find unique opportunities for understanding and fulfilling their spiritual purpose during this opening. Many who have been teaching, sharing and channeling will now step into an even stronger role as direct conduits for spirit.

The willingness to step into the next level of your mission is an important aspect of this portal. You will be asked to step into new levels of joy, new levels of self-responsibility , new levels of compassion and spiritual communion. The fact that this conjunction happens in Aquarius says every facet of this opening is based in global service. Every step you take, every effort you undertake, will be intricately linked with lifting up the Earth and all its inhabitants.

The Drive toward Meaning and Purpose
Many who are newly awakened will develop a sudden fascination for all things spiritual. This may be accompanied by a strong drive to find a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Many lightworkers will be called upon to serve as guides for increasing numbers of these awakening souls.

While many lightworkers followed a natural progression in their journey of awakening, developing spiritual awareness over decades, you will now see many beginning this process with the need to come on board quickly, entering resonance with shifting energies in a brief timeframe. This will signal a need for record numbers of mentors and life coaches to assist with the transition. As a result, many who have considered themselves students will be asked to step up to the plate as guides and teachers.

The Dream of the Sleeping World
There will be those around you who don't perceive or embrace the energies of this portal. Many of these will struggle in resistance. It is important that you allow others to be where they are. This is not the time for arrogance or judgment, but for a deeper sense of acceptance, tolerance and compassion.

Depending on one’s level of healing and evolution, the energies of this portal can affect you in different ways. Those who are sleepwalking through their lives may respond to the energies through escapist patterns and addictions; they may navigate this time through denial, running away from fears, taking their angst and confusion out on others; or other forms of self-sabotaging, dysfunctional behaviors. It may lead to psychological distress and troubled emotions that trigger accidents, illness or reversals of fortune. Some may experience their life circumstances seemingly “falling apart”.

During this time, the level of one’s spiritual development is everything. Those who are directly connected to their soul will be able to embrace their wounds, open to the messages they contain, and undergo healing that allows them to step fully into their spiritual powers and abilities. Those who resist “unseen” realities beyond the physical will manifest challenges designed to help awaken them. Many will experience both the higher and lower expression of this portal in different areas of their life.

A Portal of Spiritual Healing and Awareness
During this opening, spiritual healing and awareness are highlighted. This is a time when "wounded healers” are able to access deeper levels of their own healing and bring new techniques out to share with the world.

Those who thought they had healed and released their wounds will awaken to new levels of healing. This new insight will reveal the message and the hidden plan that sleeps within the wounds, waiting to be discovered. This discovery unlocks the door to quantum evolution of consciousness. It is in this way that this conjunction simultaneously paves the way for healing and expansion of consciousness.

Those who have served as healers will be able to reach deeper understandings of disease and health. They will be able to see through the surface of physical reality to the roots of illness and assist others in understanding the message of their symptoms. Those who have served as intuitive counselors will be able to access fresh insights into the nature of human suffering and open new doors for others to be able to understand and accept themselves. Likewise, those who have followed their path for many years will be called upon to acknowledge their own need for healing, which allows them to become more powerful healers and guides.

The New Cultural Renaissance
It is during this time that new works of art, new writings, channelings and new inventions encoded with energies of the New Time will begin to take form “in the ethers.” As these creations are birthed into physical reality, they will seed a new cultural renaissance. This is a time when creativity itself is understood in a new way. This new vision for art as a form of spiritual messaging will make multidimensional realities more accessible on the Earth plane.

Accessing New Levels of Abundance
This gateway contains opportunities for new forms and levels of abundance. As you gain awareness of the true meaning and nature of spiritual wealth, you are able to remove your focus from old misconceptions and old definitions of abundance. This allows you to place your focus and attention on the true nature of abundance – your spiritual mission. Once you realize you have all that you need within you, you will be able to energize and “bring forth” whatever is called for within the moment. From this place of flowing abundance, there is never any lack or need. You are able to view life from a higher perspective attuned to frequencies where true wealth flows easily and effortlessly. Living life from this spiritual dimension of your existence immensely broadens and enriches your life experience.

Awakening to the Dream
During this time, messages may arrive in dreams and meditation. You may travel more readily into other dimensions, including future timeframes. You may receive future visions and glimpses of future events that bring realization of your destiny. Doorways of perception open to allow the dreamer to awaken to the dream. You may experience “vertical time,” where it seems a month or even a week is equal to a year of linear time. You may undergo mind-expanding experiences and peak states of consciousness. You may experience openings where the channel between your higher self and conscious mind becomes telepathic.

All of this leads to the burning away of the old self, and the awakening to new fields of possibility.

Steps to Accessing the May 27 Portal
The price of admission to this portal of evolutionary opportunity is a willingness to release all that no longer serves your growth and well-being. Behaviors, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and all narrow pursuits will become obvious at this time. Anything from the past that needs to be healed and cleared will come up for review. This is a time when you will be able to more easily transcend the dramas and traumas that are part of human existence.

We offer here some steps to making the most of this gateway:

1) Practice awareness in all that you do. Slow down, allow yourself to expand into the beauty of nature. Listen with your heart. Pay attention to the symbols that show up in your dreams and waking life.

2) Revisit your belief system. You may find this the perfect time to develop a philosophy of life. As part of this new perspective, examine what gives you joy. Place more value on being than doing. Expand what gives your life meaning.

3) Practice balance in all things. The new energies may amp up your enthusiasm for all things metaphysical, but keep in mind the need for groundedness. Because this alignment falls in Aquarius -- an air sign -- there is the possibility of becoming caught up in a vision to the extent of failing to take the steps to bring the vision into physical reality.

4) Learn to stand strong in your visions, to trust and believe in their "realness," no matter how fantastic or incredible they may seem. Those who are deeply rooted in physical reality will not embrace visions of a future beyond what they have imagined. Bless them, but don’t allow them to sway you from your mission.

5) Undertake vision quests, spiritual pilgrimages and begin new areas of exploration. Fasts, retreats, new dietary disciplines rich in life force and new spiritual practices are helpful at this time.

6) Prepare for this opening by meditating on the New Time. Set your intentions to open to every facet of your spiritual purpose. Prime your consciousness during meditation.

7) Love your wounds and issues. Love all aspects of yourself. Trust that as you open to the messages they contain, you will step more fully into your role as a world server and healer.

8) Be willing to move beyond who you thought you were and what you have known. This is the time to shed timeworn identities and adopt new ones more closely aligned with your purpose.

9) Make time for silence and solitude each day. Learn to still your mind and enter states of alert listening. This allows you to “download” guidance for the next step of your role in assisting the Earth through coming times of transition.

10) Be willing to allow new levels of love, abundance and joy into your life. Affirm that as an infinite being, you are worthy of the best the universe has to offer.

11) Practice tolerance, acceptance and compassion with everything that comes before you.

12) Stand strong in your trust and faith in the higher order of things no matter what is going on around you.