Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Great Smoking Mirror

The Mayans say, ‘I am another yourself.’ In this manner the Mayans stress that every life-form reflects every other life-form and that all originate from the same Original Source. The Smoking Mirror’s concept of unity can eliminate all types of grandiose/elitist ideas that evolved in the Fourth World of Separation. If every Two-legged would see all other humans as unique expressions of oneself, we would have no basis for quarreling or war.

The Great Smoking Mirror speaks of the reflections of Self that are seen in others. Great Smoking Mirror allows the smoke screen of personal illusions to be pierced when the mirror, which is just beyond the smoke, is caught by a shaft of illuminating light or realization. In that moment, those who are willing to look at themselves, see the illusion of their personal myth. The part of Self that insists upon being the only one is shattered by the realization that every life-form holds an equal part to the solution of wholeness…

When a mirror shatters into hundreds of pieces, each piece will give the viewer a complete picture just as the entire mirror did when it was whole. The Great Smoking Mirror is no exception. All of Creation can be viewed by seeing through the Smoke of physical illusion into the true nature of life. Worlds upon worlds can be discovered within each atom. Every part of Creation is interconnected and depends on all other life-forms within the whole. When any part of our world is thoughtlessly destroyed, many other interdependent parts suffer.

The Great Smoking Mirror teaches each person to look for similarity rather than difference when viewing others… People who use their creativity to find the personal answers that will assist their growth have discovered a part of the Great Smoking Mirror. Answers are reflected to every seeker in a different way. Each time the haze of an illusion clears and a bright new understanding appears on the horizon, we have shattered the lie that insists that we are too different to live in peace with other parts of creation.

Thank you Nicole
taken from: shaman Jamie Sams in the book for her Sacred Path Cards