Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras, Pisces New Moon

Today is the Pisces New Moon. It's the last New Moon of the astrological year, Pisces being the last of the 12 signs. It's a brilliant aspect, but just the beginning. March 2009 will stand out as one of the most extraordinary months in the astrological history of our era. The choreography of the planets and the energy that is rippling out through our small dimension of reality are at once reminiscent of the 1960s, of many similar eras, and of a time we have yet to encounter, 2012.

There is energy in the air; we can all feel it, but you can be sure that many people won't know what to do with it; many will be intimidated. Don't fall for this. Now is the time to push your boundaries, stretch your limits and express what you've been holding back. You may need to push others as you do this, at least to the point where they give you space to be yourself. But don't wait, or struggle -- take your space, and use it well.

Though the Sun is now in Pisces, the core energy remains focused in that crystal known as Aquarius. We are in an Aquarius alignment the world has not seen the like of since 1962, back when John Glenn first orbited the Earth. So let this astrology send you into orbit, and take a good look at your life, and the planet and our time in history.

At the moment, the Aquarius alignment includes the Moon's North Node -- which points to the future, and recent eclipses across Leo/Aquarius. Jupiter is pushing us out of our intellectual boxes (they are usually pretty small) and reminding us of the need to emerge from our technological isolation (and mania with trivia). We love technology but we don't see how superficial it can make us. Jupiter is inspiring us think bigger and to exchange original ideas in community. If the people around you are boring, get some new people.

Nessus (a centaur planet) and Juno (an asteroid) are pointing out the problems with our obsession with the "special relationship." We dream and dream of one kind of relationship, barely noticing when it doesn't work; we usually do this to the exclusion of other forms of intimacy. There are many, and while something in your mind may say it's a sin to explore them, that is for you to decide, not some childhood programming to dictate.

On March 5, there are two conjunctions. The first is Mars conjunct Chiron, which is focusing warrior energy on the level of making the world safe to be individuals, together. And Mercury conjunct Neptune is reminding us that we already know what we need to know. Action is the fruit of knowledge.

March 6, Venus stations retrograde in Aries, and stations direct April 17 in the last degree of Pisces. I'll have more to say about this soon.

The Virgo Full Moon is March 10, which is very close to the Saturn-Uranus opposition and will certainly come with an interesting (to put it politely) cascade of news and other developments. So stay tuned, antennae up, eyes on the road (and the scenery).

Yours & truly,

Eric Frances, Planet Waves