Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why this Imbalance on Earth

Wow. It feels as though I've been around the world a few dozen times since my last post. Angela and I have begun our new school year in new digs and our groups are sublime. We had a truly awesome weekend and everyone has gone home buzzing in ecstasy. We are so blessed and grateful for these students. They are wise, mature growth seekers. Namaste.

Grandmothers Message: Why this Imbalance on Earth

I have been asked by several people if the Grandmothers mention how the energies of yin and yang became imbalanced in the first place. I too had wondered about this, but was always too busy working with the Grandmothers correcting the imbalance to take the time to ask the question. Until now.

When I came before them I said, “Grandmothers, when you first appeared, you told and showed me how grossly out of balance yin and yang were. The masculine principle and the feminine principle,” I added. “I never asked you why this had come about, but it would be helpful now if you told us what happened. What is the purpose behind these two energies getting so far out of whack? I ask the question this way, because I know that divine will is everything and this couldn't have happened by accident. Please explain in a way I can understand how and why this came to be."

When the Grandmothers didn't respond immediately, I went on. “We are limited in our knowing, Grandmothers," and as I began to think about just how limited we humans are, I found myself almost crying. “But, Grandmothers," I said," if we had a greater understanding of all this, it would help us.”

“This is difficult for you,” they said. “Yes,” I responded, “I don't understand it. “We know.” “I don't understand why," I said. " I guess that's what I'm asking you— why? I know that's not a good question to ask the Divine, but I really don't understand,” I repeated, “and because of this energy imbalance on earth all this terrible suffering has gone on for so long." I stopped myself before I really started crying and said, "I don't understand it. I don't understand it at all. Why?” I asked again.

There was a long pause after this and at last the Grandmothers said, “This is beyond your understanding.” When they pronounced these words I realized that after I asked my question everything just went BLANK. There was nothing…No thoughts in my mind, no images before me, no color, no sounds, no thing, nothing. I had never experienced such emptiness and blankness in my life. And then the Grandmothers' explanation-- “This is beyond your understanding.”

“Umph…" I exhaled, and then I said, “I thought that might be it- -that this issue might be beyond human understanding. “What you are asking about has to do with the expansion of love and compassion on earth,” the Grandmothers said, eyeing me from the side to see if I understood them. (I didn't.) “It has to do with the reach of love,” they said, trying again. I must have still looked befuddled, because at last they said, “Look. You see what is happening in America right now?” “Yes,” I said, nodding thoughtfully, “I see. There's a new government now and a surge of hope in the country.” “Things in your country went down so far and so fast, got so terribly bad, that now America is making a sharper turn to hope, to joy, and to compassion than it would have been able to make had you not had to live through those dark, torturous years. Think about how this relates to what you just asked us,” they said and then added, “This is all we wish to say about this subject now.

“Your question has to do with the flow of yin and yang. The way they push, one against the other,” they said. “And the flow of energy is changing now. Enjoy what is taking place at this time. There is a great swelling of yin. The energy of the Feminine Principle is flowing into all the crevices on your planet, flowing also into the hardened hearts of the people here on earth. Yin is truly infusing the atmosphere of your planet . Enjoy this time,” they said, “you've waited a long while for it.

“This is part of the divine play," they said, "designed so that love may grow, expand and fill every inch in the universe. And your very own planet is awakening at this time as its people awaken. Each of you who opens her heart and his heart is making a place for the energy of the Great Mother, she who loves, supports and cares for all life, to live,” they said. “This is what we have spoken of as the return of the Great Mother. She is coming back now, returning within each of you who opens to this message and becomes part of this work. To each one who chooses to become part of this generous giving and receiving, giving, and receiving,” they said as they swayed back and forth. “This flow!” they pronounced.

“It is the time for this,” they said. “Let yourself receive and don't worry about the past,” they said. “Don't screw your head on backwards, looking behind you to examine what has been. If you do this, you will only further confuse yourself. Instead,” they said, “come forward with us.

Wouldn't you rather have this joy than spend your days tied up in knots while you try to figure everything out? Figure it out so you can parse it, box it up, tie the bits together to store them away somewhere? ” And as soon as they said this, the Grandmothers cracked up, doubling over in laughter.

“The example that we gave you of what is happening in America now is a good one. It illustrates our point and will satisfy your mind. So when you begin to wonder, ‘Why, why, why, why? ' look at what is happening now as the world makes this turn toward compassion, honesty, integrity, and generosity. You are making the turn toward dharma, toward living the right way.

“We have told you many times of the qualities of the Great Mother,” they said,

“The time we are entering now is Her time. You are part of Her work. You are part of Her mission. Enjoy yourself,” they said, beaming happily at me, “And give thanks.”

Sharon McErlane