Monday, January 5, 2009

Metatronic Keys

In 2009 there are frequency keys available to help humanity ascend to consciousness levels of greater clarity, to shift into rarified awareness above the duality chaos of 3D even as the pace of life continues to quicken.

This acceleration occurs because the spacial context of the fifth dimension is naturally less dense and as such light travels faster within it. Accordingly our sense of time will be very accelerated, such that it is necessary for us to refine our health in order to handle the stress of the increased pace. Additionally, those of you who have not converted the auric field to the MerKaBa are required to do so in order to optimally integrate as an essential Metatronic Key of the Ascension. If this is not done, you may feel overwhelmed and fatigued in the intense Earth energy as it increases.

When this occurs, we implore you to make time each day and form the Pyramid of life, the octahedron around you and fill it with the golden joy of life. Be enriched by the wonder that is life and know that its eternal quality offers itself to you.

In this time, remember to walk the middle path of joyful, yet confident humility. Remain in impeccability, nurture it. Avoid the trappings of spiritual ego, as you grow in strength. Review and recalibrate regularly. Vigorously eschew the perilous throne of self-aggrandizement and the pitfall of thinking your life is even remotely more important than another. Honor, respect and nurture ALL within the family of man.

Frequency keys will occur at several key dates in 2009. These dates will offer unusual frequency harmonics that will allow understanding of what we will term the Metatronic keys. These keys are accessible only through the MerKaBic Field and will offer the ability to transform into the higher states beyond the star tetrahedron. Within these Keys lie greater understandings of the geometric underpinnings of what we term Unconditional Love through the Metatronic sacred geometries of consciousness. The most potent of these portals of 2009 are occurring on the March equinox, the June solstice, the solar eclipse of July 22nd, the Lunar Eclipse of 6 September, the 9-9-9, the September Equinox, the 11 of November, and the December Solstice.

These key vibrational portals are such that an individual may attune to one better than another and thus will have advantageous access to the wisdom afforded. Recognition of the energy doorway itself will be more apparent to some than others according to each individual's capacity of ligh. The ability to utilize and transform within the energy of the Metatronic Keys depends upon the individually unique vibrational level of each person. Each soul's experience with the same energy will be different, but attention to the subtle aspects requires focus and work. Putting greater focus, greater attention into life is tantamount in the remaining four years leading to 2012.