Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Intense Cosmic Winds of Change

They are upon us since the new year. Roaring through our lives relentlessly since the full moon. Relationships and life tumbling away from us like dry leaves. What are you feeling? Loneliness? Are you desolate? Hopeless? These changes feel as overwhelming as looking westward into the brilliant sun, peering across the vast shimmering plains of the Mojave Desert in the height of summer heat, intimidated by its enormity yet knowing you must find the coherence to make the crossing. Or seeing the distant Rocky Mountains in the midst of a howling Winter blizzard and knowing you have limited time while enveloped in the fear of lacking the inner resources to persevere until you achieve your goal, making it alive to the other side. I'm reaching out and not finding a hand on the other side of the abyss. Hearing only silence where I hope to hear song. These are difficult times. All I can advise is, "If you can't reach out, go within." Weather these winds in your inner cave of Light. Find the Well Spring fresh and full of healing water. Drink and bathe and lie by the fire for renewal. I don't know when the turmoil will end. I hope it is soon. We can't remain wounded for long. There is much to be done.