Friday, January 2, 2009

The Birth of The Unity Grid

Two events have occurred since the dawning of the new millennium that are changing life as we knew it. The first is the movement of Earth's Kundalini, which happens every 13,000 years and is tied to the precession of the equinoxes.

The second major event was the birthing of the new grid in January 2008 whose conception began 13,200 years ago when Thoth, Ra, and Araragat began the synthetic reconstruction of the grid in the Giza plateau. Its birth lasted about one month, with the assistance of Polynesian elders.

The Christ-consciousness grid has been fully formed and birthed, it is now alive and conscious; it is a living energy field around the Earth, and this changes everything. Mother Earth has made a conscious decision to move into the higher overtones of the fourth dimension.

These two events have put us into a different potential world, we are now in a heart based energy field; when you connect to it , new possibilities open up. This means our spiritual acceleration will quicken dramatically and there is nothing left to stop it.

It also means that within the next seven years or so (from 2009), the entire cycle that we are now on will disappear in a single day. In its place is a birth where a whole new world, based not on the mind, but rather on the heart will emerge. We are right on the edge of this, everything is in place; the Kundalini has moved, the grid is alive. Yet most of the world continues, thinking this is the way it will be forever, hardly imagining that something incredible is about to occur.

The ascension process is accelerated through the remembrance of the MerKaBa, a crystalline energy field in a specific geometric structure extending around the body for 55 feet. Find your local Flower of Life facilitator at get your Merkaba on! May you be blessed in this new year.