Monday, December 22, 2008

Sacred Space of The Heart

When we find that point of divine light, the pure soul presence in our heart and extension of our Source essence, then we can truly begin to define who we are. Allow yourself to see your true Self, a beautiful being of light.

The wonderful and amazing journey of the ascension process leads to eternal peace and happiness. All matter is energy vibrating at varying rates or frequencies, including the physical, emotional, and etheric bodies. Ascension or spiritual progression and optimal physical and emotional health is dependent upon removing energy blocks in these bodies and restoring the free flow of positive, uplifting vibrational frequencies of light.

The ascension process currently underway on the earth effects everyone and everything on the planet and the evolution of consciousness and healing process effects not only humanity but also the socioeconomic system that we co-create. As a result, all aspects of humanity and society are evolving and coming into alignment with Higher Self and Source.

The Ascension is also of cosmic proportions, beloved Gaia is now aligning with the Great Central Sun and to Source and when this transition meets completion, the world as we currently know it, including misaligned aspects such as greed, poverty, war and ill-health will be gone in a flash of consciousness light.

We are moving towards self-realization for the benefit of all life on Earth. Together in Unity, through awakening and co-operation, we are now co-creating Heaven on Earth through the Heart. The space of the heart is a sacred space. It is where we connect to the Unity Source, where we give and receive love. It is through the heart that we truly see the divine connection between each and every one of us and it is through this that we release all judgment and learn acceptance first with ourselves then with others. With this acceptance comes the peace, joy and bliss that brings heaven to earth when accept that we are the divine magnificent beings of light and love.

From our hearts we live in the present moment. Our hearts have intelligence which is different from the mind. The mind looks for a timeline goal and strives to keep us busy and distracted. The heart has no timeline and is not concerned with the past or future. If we spend just a few minutes a day meditating it can truly help us connect with ourselves and learn to heal ourselves ... through Love.