Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

I spent a few days in Atlanta to stay the night in the hospital with my sister after minor surgery to have a port installed in her head for chemo. She also now has a port in her chest. It's interesting that over the past three years, all her "stuff" has manifested during the holiday season, the time she loves most. I am shocked how old she looks. People now ask her five year old son if she is his grandma. She still runs Atomic Tangerine, though I've noticed she's not as mentally sharp as I know her to be. Her short term memory is not what it was after two rounds of whole head radiation. Release is her key word. What if she could release her perceptions of reality, her assumed needs, resentments and hostilities? I was able to talk to my nephew about aliens, fairies and the Law of Attraction after his bedtime stories . (He saw that I was reading Bob Frissell). He was more receptive than he has ever been and that was most gratifying and my sister found his new interest amusing.