Thursday, November 27, 2008

On This Day of Gratitude

A Time to Reflect, Give Thanks And Share Some Life Lessons I've Learned:

First, I really get that THERE IS NO TIME TO BE AFRAID. Time and Life go so fast. Ask yourself: What would you like to do before the year is up but have been too afraid to take the risk and jump in and go for it?!

Second, if there are things I would love to do in my life, I need to go ahead and STEP INTO THE EXPERIENCE 'AS IF' IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING NOW. I need to be the me of that experience now. The Universe will and does find a way for my dreams to come into being. But, sometimes I need to 'act as if' first. What experience can you step into as if it has already happened? Who is the you of that experience? Write it down. Imagine and feel it.

Third, I LOVE MY CLIENTS. I've been so incredible blessed to work with the most amazing people in my school and individually. Thank you for allowing me to have a glimpse into your lives.

Fourth, if there is a DESIRE THAT I HAVE THAT IS STILL UNFULFILLED AND I STILL FEEL IT 'KNOCKING' ON MY SOUL, IT IS MEANT TO COME INTO BEING. I still must go for it, even if I feel it is too late, I've missed the boat, I don't know enough, etc. You will know if there is an experience that has yet to come to fruition by the amount of distractions you've had in your life this past year. The more distractions - the bigger the experience that is pounding on you to come out. What is it that needs to come leaping out and be experienced now? Are you willing to get the ball rolling before the end of the year?

Fifth, that 'knocking' in my soul is pushing me to heal whatever I need to heal and STEP INTO THE FULL EXPRESSION OF ME. Love yourself more than any distraction. Love yourself more than relationships that are not supportive, being in isolation, financial worries, putting someone else's dreams or ambitions before your own, etc. Ask yourself: Is this in my best interest or am I taking care of someone else first?

Sixth, I THANK MY SOUL FOR THE 'KNOCKING'. It is pulling me into the new me. Imagine pulling yourself into your future self and experiencing that future you now. Write down who the future you is - for example, if you wanted to be a Newscaster, write down exactly who you are as a Newscaster - where are you, what do you wear, what are you speaking about, who and what are you surrounded by? Be that person for a day. Speak, act, think and take action as that person.

Seventh, I've learned the importance of FULLY EXPRESSING MYSELF, verbally and emotionally -- I'm learning to be more vulnerable. I see that this tells the Universe what I want in my life. Speaking my truth is for me. It designs the ethers in the cosmos and brings me my highest good. If I am hiding in any way, this gets reflected back to me in my world somehow -- something gets hidden.

Eighth, EVERYONE, I COME INTO CONTACT WITH IS THERE FOR ME TO 'SEE' MYSELF. Somehow, they are giving me the opportunity to experience Me, who I am or to bring me an experience in order to evolve. Who has shown you who you are this year? What did they reflect back to you? Is this who you want to be? Let the experience evolve you and help you get clear on who you want to be.

Ninth, I HAVE CALLED IT FORTH EVERY EXPERIENCE. I've brought every one into my life. The great and the not so great. Write about an experience that you loved. Write about an experience that you would have rather not have had. Know that you called both experiences to you. Ask yourself, "what is my opportunity for growth here?"

Tenth, if I don't 'feel' great, if I feel 'off' -- I need to GET BACK ON TRACK. Either by, journaling, looking at who I'm hanging out with or asking myself -- Is there an action that I need to take that I have not taken yet?

Eleven, LOVE. Fully, love myself and others. We are all connected.

Twelfth, EVERY SEEMING OBSTACLE IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH. There is always a silver lining. Obstacles are what I see when I am not fully heart FOCUSED on my goal.

Finally, LIVE. Live now. Do whatever it takes to fully experience the richness of who you are. What would the richness of who you are smell like, sound like, look like, think like, talk like, act like?