Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Feels Like a Perfect Time to Go Inward

We have been going through a major cleansing process on all levels and going into hibernation is an opportunity to integrate. There has been no area in our lives that has not been affected. This cleansing process has been on all levels - the physical, our homes and work environments, finances, relationships and health have all been touched. On the emotional level, we are letting go of old feelings, expressing emotions and feeling things more deeply. On the mental level, old thought patterns, ideas and belief systems have been examined and released. The illusions and enchantment that we held about people and situations have been shattered and we can see much more clearly what we want and don't want in our lives. On a spiritual level, our connection to God and the Universe is more intimate and personal as we take time to deeply connect and listen with our hearts.

It seems that as we are doing so much internal work - clearing, cleansing, examining, expressing, releasing, now is the time to relax and recuperate. This is not a time to make things happen or exert our will or ego. It is the time to allow healing at the cellular level and discover new ways of being and integrating all our work and permitting things to unfold.

As we go deeper within we become ready to surrender. We no longer want to repeat the challenges that have kept us in limitation, therefore we have to change the belief systems surrounding our issues. We can no longer hold limiting thoughts if we truly wish to manifest abundance. We must release feelings of unworthiness if we want to have prosperity in our lives by letting go of poverty consciousness. We need to release our fears and insecurities in order to establish healthy relationships. It is important to have boundaries and know our limitations but it is equally important to be open and allow new ways of being.

I am seeing that there is no need to see things as "good" or "bad". They are as they are. Why place judgments on a situation? Our expectations of how things ought to be inhibit the process. Our challenges are opportunities to grow and find new ways of being. The Master sees every situation without judgment and deals with each one in the same calm, peaceful, balanced manner whether it is positive or negative.

I can find resolution more quickly when I am not overlaying my interpretations how I want things to be. Coming from a human perspective we cannot see the big picture of what's really happening. The way we think things "should" work out might not be what is best for us at all. As long as we follow our inner guidance and do what we feel is right, things will turn out as they are meant to be.

This is a significant time in our world. Things are unfolding at a record pace. We are more than capable of navigating our way through this when our answers come from a still, peaceful and trusting heart.

For now I continue to go inward and allow myself to be quiet and look deep within my heart for guidance and clarity. I remind myself as often as necessary that what matters more than the outcome is the journey.

Prayer - Going Deep Within

Dear God,

My spirit calls for a time of quiet integration. I honor where I am and allow things to be. Please remind me not to judge situations as good or bad. Show me how I can trust the process.

Please fill my heart with peace and my mind with stillness. I look to You to show me the way. I promise to listen and follow.

I surrender to this process of renewal and I'm grateful to have an opportunity for expansion.

As the seasons change, so do I.

And so it is.