Friday, October 24, 2008

You Can Create Miracles

The North American economy and the political climate is creating a lot of fear within peoples' minds.

WE ARE EACH BIGGER THAN OUR ECONOMY AND POLITICS. Each of us is aligned to the most magnificent Source of ALL THAT IS.

We are all connected in collective consciousness, meaning fear in North America can travel across the grid translating into fear on the opposite side of the globe. Be mindful of your thoughts!

There's GOOD NEWS! You can see that you are in control when you let go and allow your Highest Self to guide you through this journey called "Your Life". So today -- I invite you to create a miracle.

Here is the formula:
A- You have a fear or a need
B- Ask God/Higher Self/Soul for something that you feel you need

A+B+C= The Miracle

Now, if you are having trouble letting go you can:
Write this statement down hundreds of times until you feel it as truth within you--
"I Trust the Universe and I Know it will Deliver." Keep writing this sentence until you FEEL it inside as Truth.

Next, create a Miracle Drawer.
Write out as many miracle requests as you would like.
Crumble each piece of paper into a tiny ball and place it in your Miracle Drawer.
When you place the ball of paper into your Miracle Drawer, this is your action of LETTING GO. This is when you have handed it all over to the Source of Who You Really Are that is MUCH GREATER then the politics and economy of this world.
The Miracle Drawer is your Soul listening to your requests, hearing you and preparing to deliver.
In placing your miracle request into the drawer, you are saying,

"I know that I receive everything I need exactly when I need it. I Trust that my Soul hears my requests and everything is in perfect order and Divine timing and I will receive this or something even better. Thy Will Be Done and So It Is."

It is essential that we choose LOVE over fear right now.

This is how you can aim your focus on LOVE today.