Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta, CA

While Angela and I were teaching in Sacramento, I fell and severely sprained my foot. Luckily, we were teaching restructuring and reweaving on the first level of the field and all the students had an opportunity to do some repair on my injury. They did superb work! My foot did not swell to the size of a pillow and I was able to crutch-hike a bit the next day in Mt Shasta, although not as I had planned. So, another trip will be in order in the near future! I was fortunate to meet up with Bev Wilson of The Crystal Room(s)again after our first meeting earlier this year in Tucson and she helped me select three singing bowls.

Mt. Shasta is wonderful. As we approached the mountain, we were aware of the profound feeling of ancient wisdom and a deep feeling of security there. Next time I'll spend time in the woods with those Beings who inhabit the forest and the mountain.