Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forgiving and Loving Yourself and Others

Many of us carry guilt that was programmed by well-meaning family members at a young age. We need to forgive and love ourselves. Even if you feel you love yourself and are guilt-free, you can check yourself out by doing the following procedure. Try it, and see what happens.

Do this procedure twice a day, in the morning when you get up and in the evening before going to bed. Stand before a mirror that will leave your hands free and look into your eyes. You must look yourself in the eyes as you do this procedure. Say to yourself slowly: "I forgive you, (your name)." Say this ten times. If you become emotional and cannot complete it, try again at the next scheduled time. Again, do this twice daily until you don't have negative emotional reaction in the process, and then one week beyond, until you feel lighter in spirit, like a load has been lifted off. Work through the process with all the names you have been called during this life, working your way through all the names, until you feel light and clear, forgiving yourself by all the names you have ever been known as in this lifetime. For some people, it takes weeks to work through forgiving themselves, using all the names they have ever been called. For other people, a week is sufficient. Use each of your names for a minimum of one week--even if you don't have a negative reaction to the process.

Repeat the process with the word "love" through all the names you have ever been called. You will experience more emotion with this word. Then go through the procedure with any other words you wish to use. It is very important you "forgive" and "love" yourself before anything else. Also, if you don't feel appreciated, use the word "appreciate" in this process. Try out words such as "trust," "validate," etc. Always work through the procedure with "forgive" first, then "love." Then use any other words that resonate with you.

This procedure may also be used to heal and clear with others. Look at a photograph of the individual or imagine their face and say from your heart: "I forgive you, (his/her name)." Then, "I love you (his/her name)." You can do this with other words AFTER “love” and “forgive,” such as “appreciate” and “respect” and “trust.”