Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Flow of Abundance

Okay. Is there anyone out there who is still unaware of the current economic stress? It's planet-wide and the Global Banking system is beginning its process of change and transformation. You may be one of those looking at this as a time of intense pressure. Step out of Fear and remind yourself often that this is all part of a greater process of spiritual and social transformation and the greater good is being served by these changes.

People tend to fall into fear and despair when they see their money dwindling. They panic and look desperately for answers. Some find answers in the conspiracy theories about the dark plots to control the planet through financial slavery. No doubt that there are groups who have sought to control the wealth of the Planet. In the Old Earth energy they were successful. In the new Fifth Dimensional energy, there are enough awakened and active Human Angels and Lightworkers to hold the energies on the Higher Dimensional levels to ensure that the old patterns of fear and domination are not allowed to enter into the New Earth grids and control people in the old ways. So, it is important that we, as awakened beings, hold our energy in Peace and not fall into patterns of fear and panic and despair.

A transformation is underway in which the Abundance of the Planet is shared among all people. These are first steps for the system to slowly change and empower everyone. It will take time. We will begin finding ways to create a more equitable and loving system for sharing the blessings that are given to us on Earth. It was never the Divine Plan for anyone to live in slavery and poverty. Those old patterns are based in fear, shame and low self-worth. They are being replaced by new patterns where we see ourselves as powerful beings carrying the Divine Light, and able to create exactly what we need to ensure our survival and thrive in our time on Planet Earth. This is a choice we must make of our own free will. Will we be in fear as The Old crumbles and or confident and optimistic as the new patterns take shape, knowing that we are experiencing one of the most exciting evolutionary changes that our Planet has ever seen? It is indeed an exciting time to be alive and to participate in the co-creation of a New Reality.

Please remember that Abundance is not just money. It is the energy of Divine Blessing that is carried on the Golden Ray. It is the flow of Divine Light that will provide all that you need - abundantly. We have been conditioned to believe that money provides all that we need, and when we feel in danger of losing our money, we feel that we are being cut of from the Flow of Abundance. Know that your I AM or Higher Self is working with you to encourage you to understand that reliance on the system of money is a third dimensional illusion. When you shift to the Fifth Dimensional perception of the Flow of All Abundance from Higher Sources, you will feel the Love and Gratitude that ensures your connection to the Flow of Golden Light energy. Learn to flow with this energy and how to manifest through Co-Creation and Intention. In this new perspective, money becomes nothing more than a means to an end - there when you need it and that it can be used to empower your creations if you so desire. Have confidence that this flow of Golden Light is available to everyone at all times, and that you will always be safe and cared for. You do not need to fall into fear.