Sunday, August 10, 2008

Transformation and Ascension

additional notes to PART TWO of Global Awakening News- July 18, 2008

When we wrote of the possibility of a planet-wide ascension, we meant just that, a possibility - and we barely scratched the surface of the implications of vibrationally differentiated environments. Also, to many people who are keen on the ascension concept, there are many notions as to this could mean. Also, we have not addressed the relative fractions of humanity that will be having different experiences during these coming years. We prefer to set our sights on the highest of possibilities while maintaining a watchful eye in crossing busy streets. Making such a reach can lead many to new and wonderful surprises that otherwise they would not have been aware of.

Yes, there is an energetic upshifting occurring and there is a massive clearing out the dark forces at various dimensional levels. To focus on what percentage has x-y-z experiences is speculative and inappropriate, Neither is it appropriate or useful to be unduly attached to whether the experience is a fully embodied one or not.

It is important to bear in mind is that this is an enormous challenge at both a "cosmic level" as well as at an individual human level. The vast majority of people are not energetically, mentally, psychologically, or any otherwise prepared for something of this magnitude. This sorting out and the related bifurcations has to do with the clearing of human energy fields at all levels and the social meme structures that have fundamentally and primarily kept the mass of humanity ensnared and enmeshed with the agendas of the earthly powers-that-be and those of the higher dimensional levels of the dark forces. It is at the level of human beings and the human-focused social and energetic constructs that the changes are the most difficult to effect for many reasons.

This poses a very difficult situation. Those of humanity who stay "onboard" the earth during the coming several years will most likely be challenged at many fronts to create a new way of life, at least initially. These challenges relate to a) massive earth/climate changes, b) the human economic, material, political, social breakdowns, and c) the resident distortion memes that the vast majority of people are ill-equipped to see their way clear of. This latter challenge relates to a gamut of problems stemming from the denial of spirituality, the control and distortions from the organized religions, dysfunctional social-economic assumptions that people hold to, and the corruptness of the most of the social-progressive-new age tendencies. Nearly all are heavily infected and laden with dark paradigm distortions, many masquerade as "love and light".

So for those spiritually inclined, the primary business becomes to what extent to engage with the 3-d world and then how and why?

For those who are prefer to engage in the process of working out a new way of life an important challenge pertains to core values and high-level principles. Then there is the need to develop good discernment for the falsehoods from the present day and earlier past history. As well there is the fundamental importance of developing greater spiritual awareness that will inform all levels of human activity from the most mundane to the most cosmic.