Monday, August 4, 2008

Building Safe Harbor

What if you were given an internal command that asked you to spend the next 30 days building a safe harbor for your consciousness to dwell and expand in that never allows fear to trespass? How would you build an internal place where fear has no point of entry? What would you need to build a "foolproof/fearproof" harbor? What knowledge would you need as building material? What would you need to know about radical faith, action and inaction and insurmountable love for Self to make this harbor impossible for any fear based thoughts to penetrate no matter what? No matter what! Whether you've heard the command and turned a deaf ear or pretended not to hear the internal command.... it has been issued, and is asking you to become a Divine Architect and build that harbor now. No distractions, no stories, no victim mentality, martyr mentality or mortal mentality. No excuses. When you build that harbor, you will be met with indescribable peace, regardless of anything that goes on or off in this world.

Consciousness, not knowledge is your energy imprint on the Earth. Consciousness enmeshed with fear profoundly impacts our energy imprint keeping us suppressed, depressed, and away from what we came here to do; transform mortal consciousness! Fear has got to go or we as a species are going to go down, again. Where fear is not, love is, or at the very least neutrality is, bringing us closer to stability.

We are truly at the final frontier of our former existence and undoubtedly it is scary as hell to stand at the threshold of your true Self. It changes everything, and I do mean everything. You are at the edge of the cliff of your life and here, right at the razors edge, do you learn to fly, so let go of everything fearful weighing you down. When you do, the first place you will fly is to the first step of your future life and you will feel the difference from what once was your path of progression to what now will be your path of progression.

Once you get there prepare to not know where you will fly to next, until you are led. Stand in the void and don't get scared. This is a good place to be, embrace it and don't be afraid. If you do get scared, simply acknowledge it and don't touch it with another thought! This is Mastery.

Namaste. and