Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 16th Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon

This Saturday's eclipse gives us the opportunity to experience and examine our shadow selves. We may feel afraid, that the light is temporarily gone and that we are only connected to a strange and dark space. We may not want to be alone then, craving companionship and connections to others. These opportunities to really see the aspects of ourselves that we would prefer to hide from others can make us feel vulnerable, inadequate and powerless. But by embracing the energies that these cosmic events are here to support, loving them and using them in their purest form, we can release and move forward and have even more gratitude for the love of another, and be more able to see and have love for the seeming inadequacies of our brothers and sisters, knowing that we are not perfect either. During this period of rest, beauty, introspection and preparation for what is to come, the energies of August and into September will allow us to prepare our foundations more securely, to connect more securely to our loved ones, to begin our new endeavors, and to bask in the beauty of much love and light.

The Full Moon is a particularly good time for drawing things to conclusion; for completion and this one connected with psychic Neptune, allows us to see through the mists to our own dreams. There's also a positive and powerful connection here with sweet Venus and beneficent Jupiter gracing this emotionally intense time between now and Saturday, August 16 with great potential for success.

Depending on where the Lunar Eclipse falls in your chart, it will affect that aspect of your life. For example, Leos will have it falling in their area of relationships and this time can restore their faith in love and bring healing to past hurts.