Monday, March 17, 2008

Stretching the Abundant Mind

It's time we learned to energetically put a rubber band on every single thing, stretching it energetically to its full potential, telling those two eggs they will scramble up to four, that shampoo will wash 20 more heads of hair, and bless the gas while you're pumping it, directing the liquid gas molecules into an expanded state allowing you to get more miles per fill up than any time before. We can make do with what we have until the hundredth monkey effect of this very thought has reached out and touched every one in the world.

When the price of life goes up, we become afraid and the first thing we do is contract, pulling in and giving up on what we were going to use or save the money for. As the extra money flows into our gas tanks, a little voice tells us, "Well, we can't go take a trip or go on vacation this year because gas costs too much so we’ll have to stay home." So our hopes are dashed, our hearts sink and passion flies out the window. We become silently angry and "stuff" our emotions. This anger can transfer into every meal we cook like poison, which we and our loved ones then consume, causing energetic blockages and our immune systems become compromised, causing dis-ease. We believe there is no hope and too often we cannot see the always-blue sky behind the gray clouds of "not enough". Unfortunately, we can allow this to become a chain reaction touching every experience in our lives.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world if we will only see with the eyes of the soul and hear with the heart. We have misused our planet in so many ways, always expecting her to supply and give, no matter what. Now we must help our planet. The heavens look to us to become the change we seek. Every thought is precious and counts, do not let the thought of "not enough, time energy or money" enter your mind or future.

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