Monday, March 3, 2008

The Purpose of Healing

Lightworkers, the purpose of our current planetary walk is one of healing, completion and transformation. We have come to the planet to heal lifetimes of soul issues for ourselves and help our soul groups and humanity by creating new energies of unconditional love and compassion. You are helping end lifetimes of suffering and transforming the energies of the earth.

Our healing work involves bringing forward the wounds and karmic ties from all lifetimes, reconciling their lessons and moving ourselves and our soul group into new vibrational patterns, allowing the energy of these experiences and lessons to be transformed into higher vibration, taking them from the level of karma into unconditional love. This healing and transformational process is where you create new opportunities for connection, awakening the energy of compassion and shifting energies at all levels of your being.

We all strive for completion in this healing work so that when all of your energies around it have been forgiven, healed and transformed, you will not feel the need to repeat the lessons. You are complete when you can hold everyone in the energy of compassion, recognize their need for healing as part of their journey and offer them your healing energy instead of your emotions.

Completion allows you to enter into unconditional love with others as you no longer have to participate in the lessons you could share with them. We can look for lessons where we are complete and those which we are healing and transforming. Each one holds answers for where we need additional healing work, where we can apply forgiveness, release, surrender and detachment, and where we can know our work is finished.


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