Thursday, January 10, 2008

Special 2008 Forecast Issue of Global Awakening News

These commentaries and analyses are presented for their value to anyone who cares about the future as humanity prepares to make the greatest shift in consciousness and being ever experienced. We cover a wide range of topics including social-values research, "future-views", the world situation, and advanced spiritual perspectives.

January 7, 2008
State of the Vision - 2008 Forecasts and Future Views
-- Preface
-- Introduction
-- Summary
-- Crises and Change, Vital Dynamics
-- Earth Environment
-- Space Environment
-- Political, Economic, and Social Environment
-- As Above & Below
-- The Great Sorting Out - A Tale of Two Realities
-- Conclusion
Plus additional articles:
* State of the Vision 2008 Forecast
* Oneness by Rasha
* Free Public Online Forum Announcement
* Upcoming Issues

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Disclaimer: This is a composite of personal intuitive insights and technical analyses from various sources. The remarks reflect what coherence and concordance there is among these diverse sources. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these remarks or for any actions you may take in response to your reading this material. The material contained herein does not make specific predictions as to dates, fame, or fortune. Anyone claiming to do so would be foolish under the sort of fluid conditions we are seeing now. Likewise, it would be foolish to believe detailed predictions under these circumstances. Regardless, our future lies not in our material forms but in a higher dimensional state of consciousness and existence. Events will bear this out over the coming one to three years.
Current circumstances present a strong challenge to live from a position of steadiness and relative detachment derived from a high-level spiritual reference. Nevertheless, that is the new way. Decoupling from the old in every material and energetic way possible is "order of the (new) day". Understandably, the chaotic and stressful events of the mundane world exert a persistent influence that requires constant referral to one's nature as an eternal spiritual being. Some will find in these pages greater resonance in the predictions of a dire nature, and others will find greater resonance with the evolutionary transformational processes referred to.

To morph a popular expression, "Be aware --be very aware!"

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