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As explained by Drunvalo Melchizedek in a 1992 Flower of Life workshop

“ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
The earth was without form and void, and darkness was
upon the face of the deep.
And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, ‘Let there be light’.” Genesis 1:1-3

So, it says in the beginning it was void, there was nothing. The first thing that happened was that the spirit of God moved. And in that motion, the very next thing that happened, was that there was LIGHT. The only thing about this is that the Bible left something out which is very, very important. The Egyptians were very clear about it.

Imagine yourself in infinite space, floating in a big void. You have infinite space in all directions and you are in the middle of it. We’ll say you have a body, although spirit has no body, and you move. How do you know you have moved? There must be something relative to move to. There must be something there before movement is possible. There is no such thing as movement until something is created first. An object had to be created first, which the Bible does not talk about.

The school of Akhenaton is very, very clear about this. What they said has to do with the nature of consciousness. That is, consciousness has threeness to it.

Well, space has threeness to it, and also, X, Y, Z axis. And Spirit, or consciousness, has the innate ability to do this unusual thing. For instance, just imagine that this room was absolutely black, and you walked into this room from an absolutely black room So you walked from a black space into this black space... you could feel the door, and tell what was in front of you according to how sensitive you are. You could project out a little tiny wave, two inches or so, or maybe longer. And as you are projecting out in the darkness a certain way, you know nothing is there. You just know it. Then you hit a spot and stop, saying you don’t know what’s beyond there. You don’t do this with your hand; psychically you can project a certain distance, and just know when something is there.

Well, this projection is everything, according to the Egyptians. The fact that we all project differently is important, and we’ll discuss this later when we talk about conception. THe amount that we project into this darkness doesn’t matter. Even if it’s only one centimeter. Whatever distance it was, the important thing was to project out through six directions and the tree axis into space.

They do it like this: Using the right eye of Horus, you project out first to the front and then to the back, then left, then right, then up and then down, into the six directions. Once that projection takes place, there are six rays going out, which they were taught to connect into a square. Then they were taught to go up and form a pyramid. Then they went down and formed a pyramid below, forming that is called an octahedron... two back to back pyramids. So they project up, down, and around the square, then the upper pyramid, the the lower pyramid, forming this image around the body, or Spirit. Even though this is a mental image, it doesn’t mater, for once that perimeter has been established, movement is now possible. You could come out and move around it, or you could sit inside it and spin, or spin it around you. Without this, it is not the same as movement.

Once they had constructed this image, they were told to rotate it in the three axis, left, right, and upward. What that does is trace the image of a sphere three times. What this represents: The straight line is male, and the curved line, in any shape whatsoever, is female. So the octahedron is a pure male object, being made up of only straight lines. By rotating the image you went from a male to a female object, which is also what the Bible says: The male to female was because progression is much easier from female, although it could be done from the male. They were taught not to even try it, because it was so hard.

© Drunvalo Melchizedek

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