Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Grandmothers Speak on the Holidays

From Sharon McErlane

"Dear Grandmothers," I said, "Beyond the commercialization so prevalent at this season, what is the actual significance of this time of year?" I was asking, not just for those who celebrate Christmas, but for all people of all religions.

"Listen to us," the Grandmothers said as they towered over me. So I quickly sat down on the ground in front of them and gave them my full attention. "We will show you the significance of this time of year," they said.

First they showed me our planet spinning in space and as they brought me in closer I saw the panorama of our world-all the continents, countries, and cultures on earth. And wherever I looked I noticed that this was a time when people gathered together. This coming together was as prevalent in Afganistan as it was in England, as true in Colombia as in Canada. No matter what the culture, at this time people turned to their loved ones and gave thanks. The holiday might be Christmas, Hannukah, Ramadan, Kwanza, Thanksgiving, Sangranthi or another, but over the next few months, people would come together to celebrate their loving connection to one another and to the Divine. As I stood back and observed these sacred and special times, they seemed not so much a holiday, but a series of holy days.

"This IS a holy time," the Grandmothers said, interrupting my thoughts. "This time of year calls forth love," they said, and breaking into smiles they added, "celebrate that. A purpose of this time of year is to share love."

Turning to me, the Grandmothers said, "We know that you are distressed by the rampant greed that surfaces in your country around this time . People have always tried to use love as a hook for sales purposes," they said; "in this way the times you are living in are not much different from other times. Greed, however, has become is more obvious today. Because of the ease of communication in the world now greed is now a world wide phenomena.

"But don't worry about that," they said, laughing and changing the subject. "It is not your job to change the world," they said, "it is your job to be yourself , to let the love inside your heart shine out. This time of year needs to be held sacred, and you can do that," they said. "But you will need to turn to the presence of the Divine within you even more than you usually do. We say this," they explained, "because as the holidays approach the energy of buying and selling escalates. Many people go into a frenzy of excess, of worry and of stress at this time of year," they said, "and so it is very important that you stay awake and not be drawn into those states. If you let yourself be fooled once again by the siren song of your culture, you will spend another holiday season in a confused and frustrated condition. Please do not do that," they said. "We promise to hold you steady throughout the hullabaloo that bombards you at this time of year.

"There are greater things you are called to do now," they said, "than fall into the trap of buying and selling." They repeated, "Listen to us and turn within, call on us and use this time to re-sanctify your life. In this season of giving," the Grandmothers said, "give us the gift of your loving devotion to truth. If you give this gift, you will bless your life and bless the entire earth.

"This is the only gift we want from you," they said. "We ask that this year you give the gift of loving dedication to the Great Self that you are. And do not let the world talk you into anything less than this. We say to you," they said as they opened their arms to receive me, "This is the gift that is needed now.

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