Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chemtrail Hell

The plants in pots that are still outdoors are in need of water and I've played with the fantail goldfish that survived raccoon or possum attack last night, providing them with a new larger retreat. However, I must escape indoors as there is local chemtrail hell here in the Piedmont this morning. What started out as a beautifully clear and brilliant autumn sky has become hazy with a proliferation of hundreds of white streaks crossing the blue overhead during the past four hours. This activity has been going on for the past week. Haven't the people here been dumbed down enough? Chemtrail symptoms appear as aggressive behavior and muddled thoughts and is very apparent on the road.

You are being poisoned from above. Educate yourself!
The link below has a ton of information on the aerosolization campaign going on overhead every day and how it is affecting your health and the lives of every living thing on the face of the Earth. The planet is under siege.

In early February 2007, after spending time in Tucson and Sedona and noticing many days hazy with aerosolization, my United Airlines light out of Phoenix provided a window seat that revealed the oily fiber-filled trails that the plane passed through during the ascent to cruising altitude. Feeling outraged and victimized, what could I do to alert people to what is going on in the sky?

Today, I encourage you to look up before going outside! Go out with the intent of moving through space in complete and total health, protected from and unaffected by anything that you encounter that would cause you harm. Meanwhile, strengthen your immunity! Drink lots of spring water and eat organic food that is in season and grown locally and for god's sake, wash it well with biodegradable soap before consuming it! Take supplements and herbs that feed and protect your cells. I'll be posting some findings in this area shortly. Be well. Be alert.

Another really informative "conspiracy" blog:

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