Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8 Keys to Maintain Balance During the Shift

Acknowledge your perfection

Accept the journey for which you have come

Maintain personal integrity

Be that which you are, not as you perceive others see

Acknowledge your value

Accept Your Power

Take your value, your perfection, your power and your Grace into the world

Love yourself and touch everyone you encounter with love

And as we embrace these keys, we must remember to breathe. Our breath serves more than the purpose of oxygenating our body. Our breath clears and nurtures us energetically. Each breath is a cleansing and as we are cleansed, our energy moves more easily and with greater clarity of communication within the universal consciousness. When we do not breathe because we are tense, our energies compact, becoming more and more sluggish. As a result, our manifestation becomes sluggish or even stalled.

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